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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U.S. Mail Delivered

Written 7-/24/12

This school day was very rewarding.  I finally got a chance to deliver some of the letters, videos, and cultural lessons I had worked on during this past school year with my students.  They would be so proud to see their letters being read and shared aloud with students on the opposite side of the globe.  Nancy and I were invited to run an activity at the English Club meetings.  This turned out to be a perfect time to pass out letters from our students.  We had students read the letters in pairs or triads.  The “listener” had to report to the rest of the students about the American student who wrote the letter.  It was a great exercise for reading, listening, and speaking English.
I have, by now received letters from some of our Indonesian students to take back.  My heart is full.  For many months my students and I anticipated this global connection, and to watch students here engaged in the messages that my students have sent is all the reward I need. 


  1. Your blog is both educational and interesting! Keep the stories coming, Arlis.

  2. Thanks. I will be posting as often as possible.